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— Colin Drake, CA
My brother has suffered from extra weight since he was a teenager and then year after year his weight increased and nothing could help him. Physical exercises were not enough even to make him a little bit slimmer, strict diets were a torture for him and the surgeons that offered surgical fat removal looked at him as butchers. After several years of trying to get rid of the extra weight and lots of humiliating and stress he decided to give up and go on as it is. But I always wanted to find some medication that will help him improve his health without much problems. So one day reading reviews on another weight loss medication I came across this products - Slimonil. The reviewers highlighted its natural components that due to amazing characteristics of the carefully selected herbs help people lose weight without changing their daily life and habits. I ordered Slimonil for my brother and talked him into trying it, though it was not an easy task to do. He have been for about three months on Slimonil when it became obvious - the medication works and the results are amazing. My brother started losing weight and his enthusiasm and positive mood came back. With Slimonil he will definitely soon reach his desirable weight and won't have to undergo dangerous surgery or destroy himself with unbearable physical load.
— Jim Higgins, Saskatoon
I managed to lose 50 pounds in three months with the help of amazing Ayurveda medication. I have tried many different meds but only Slimonil was so effective. I don't know why, may be due to the fact that it is a combination of specially selected herbs that together produce such amazing and strong effect on the body - the fat decreases day after day and I can see it with my own eyes. The problem with me is that I have diabetes and therefore I am kind of prone to getting extra weight and besides I should be very careful with medications I take in order not to do more harm to my body. But with Slimonil there was not a single problem for me - everything is absolutely smooth and positive. I take Slimonil as it is prescribed in the instruction and observe the directions and everything is just perfect. I can really feel that it is so much easier for me to manage my weight and stay in good health. I never lost hope to get closer to the weight I consider to be ideal for me and my efforts were appraised by this wonderful medication. I do recommend Slimonil to other people who want to lose weight without bringing their health in danger.
— Brenda Watson, Bakersfield
I love Slimonil! This medication is the only thing that really helped me in my struggle for ideal figure and being slim. What is especially great about this drug is that it first of all is based on natural ingredients only and therefore can bring nothing but positive impact to our health. And secondly this medication has mild laxative effect what is also great as it helps you clean your digestive system without blocking it with harmful substances, what happens so often when people try to follow a strict diet. A year ago my weight was 30 pounds more than I wanted and I was taking some other medication that promised quick loss of unwanted pounds. As a result half a year ago I weighed 40 pounds more than I wanted. And at that time I switched to Slimonil. Since that time the dynamics was opposite - I finally started losing weight and my digestion came back to normal. Now I weight just exactly 130 pounds as I always wanted to. All the long time I spent on weight loss meds didn't affect my health in a bad way. I think it's because most of the time I used Slimonil which is safe and trusted. I plan to keep taking Slimonil for a couple months more in order to make sure that the weight won't come back just as easy as it left. But I am very optimistic.

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