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— Helen Harper, CA
I started taking Riconia after I had a rehabilitation course that followed cancer treatment. My cancer was diagnosed very early, so I had no serious problems with treatment and it was not long. But my body got a certain dosage of radiation after the treatment and it needed some support to recover. So my doctor advised me Riconia as a part of my post-rehab program. I have been taking this medication for about three months to maintain my bodily functions and support it with additional source of vitamins and minerals. As a result now I am healthy and full of energy. The cancer never came back, what makes me extremely happy and I have no problems with my health after the treatment course I had to undergo. Riconia is an excellent solution when you need strong support and it is especially great when it comes to eliminating the consequences of radioactive influence. It helps the body to cope with the suppression it had experienced and quickly recover from the damage. It protects your thyroid gland what is extremely important for your health, especially after radiotherapy as a part of cancer treatment or prevention. So I advise this vitamin product to everyone who is about to undergo such medical procedures or experienced radiation influence for some other reasons.
— Christine Childs, Chattanooga
My son is two years now and it has been only recently when I finally recovered from the delivery and my body fully restored all its functions. It was very difficult for me to recover as I was worn out by the pregnancy and the delivery was not very easy, I had certain problems and needed proper medical help. Besides some three months after the delivery I started losing my hair enormously. It was a disaster for me as I was so happy with my hair by the end of my pregnancy. It was silky, shiny and long and suddenly it started falling out drastically. I was scared and depressed, I was afraid of getting bold and I tried out everything possible from shampoos to alternative medicine. But what helped me was just a multivitamin complex called Riconia. This medication is amazing! It stopped my hair from falling and caused quick hair growth what allowed me to get back my usual look. My doctor explained to me that child birth is a great shock for the body and afterwards it can allocate the resources in a different way so that certain parts will get less of vitamins and minerals they need and hair is the first to suffer. Additional source of vitamins as Riconia helps to quickly get the usual order of things back.
— Elijah Syros, Toronto
I am taking Riconia daily as a multivitamin complex to support my body. I take vitamins twice a year to keep my body healthy and my immune system strong. It is very effective and the only thing I worry about is choosing the best multivitamin complex to eliminate every possibility of me falling ill. With Riconia I get everything my body needs - a careful selection of vitamins and minerals and even more - additional protection from radiation. Contemporary environment is full of harmful agents and radiation is not that rare. I am sure that our cell phones are not that safe as we think, but at the same time I understand that it is impossible to live in a big city rejecting all the technological benefits and staying close to nature. So my choice is additional protection. Quality multivitamins is the minimum I can do for my body to support it in the unfriendly environment and Riconia offers the best protection as far as I am concerned. It contains all the vitally important vitamins, active ingredients and minerals. And in addition to all that is contains potassium iodide that is so essential in protection from harmful influence of radiation.

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