Crotamiton Cream (Crotorax) Testimonials

— Veronique T., Chicago
Crotamiton Cream is a very useful medication, I think, in every family as there is no place on earth where we could rest assured we are protected from different insects and parasites. Crotamiton Cream helps cope with such like disorders caused by skin irritating germs and bacteria quickly and easily. It is a life-saving medication when it comes to children. I am so grateful to it, cause last summer when my small son got scabies it was pure horror. Other mommies would understand me I'm sure. It is extremely difficult to bear when a little child is scratching his body nonstop and can't sleep at night. You can't explain him that he should not scratch, you can't relieve his itching and pain. You can only sit and see him scratching his skin to blood. That is close to getting crazy yourself. We spent 3 horrible nights and woke up in the morning in a bed all red from the blood before I have found a really effective medication - Crotamiton Cream. This topical medication naturally relieved all the symptoms in less than 24 hours. It was however difficult to use it, because a tired and irritated child considers everything to be painful and to cause more itching. So I applied small amounts of the cream on different skin areas and watched out the boy not to remove it before it gets absorbed. Then another area and so on. But that's worth it. Itching disappeared completely 20 minutes after. It took the scars about two weeks to get away, but now we are no longer afraid of scabies as we have the Crotamiton Cream in our medicine chest! Thank you and don't give up!
— Brigitta Moore, Ottawa
Last summer we spent a lot of time on the beach with my younger sister but one day some mite bit her on a cheek and that caused lots of problems. At first we paid no attention to the bite, as there were lots of mosquitos and we were used to their bites. But in an hour my sister got really nervous - the itching wouldn't stop, it increased and soon started causing pain, some drops of blood appeared where she scratched too hard. But that was not the biggest problem. Soon a swelling appeared on the cheek and that looked awful, as if she was beaten hard. She was in panic because such a face wouldn't make anyone happy, the itching couldn't been relieved by any medication we had at home and she spent a sleepless night, crying and worrying. In the morning we went to a dermatologist. He said that was an uncommon reaction to a usual mite and prescribed Crotamiton Cream. We bought it on our way home and she applied it at once. In 20 minutes the itching disappeared and by the evening, her face was symmetrical again, though there was still some redness and scratches.my sister has rather sensitive skin but the medication caused no side effects and she was so happy to finally get rid of the unexpected problem. You can never know when that sly mite will find you, but you have to be ready to fight! Crotamiton Cream is a perfect weapon in this case.
— Cooper Schroeder, Milwaukee
This year I found out that I'm allergic to bee's bites. Though I have never been before. Life is full of surprises! After a bee or two bit me on the elbow and neck I started feeling strange itching in my feet and palms. That was really strange but more than that was the character of the itching - it increased and I couldn't stand still. I started scratching my feet against stones on the road and my palms as well. I thought I was getting crazy. Luckily my cousin who was at our place at that time gave me the amazing Crotamiton Cream. It was pure luck she had the medciation in her bag. The cream relieved the itching in a matter of minutes. Then I consulted a doctor and he said I developed allergy to insects' bites. But know I know about wonderful Crotamiton Cream, so no problem!

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