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— Priscilla H., Edmonton
Within last three years I developed strange reaction to different chemical substances I come in contact with. For example detergent or window cleaner, in reality it's almost every chemical agent that we use when performing our household duties. First my palms were getting red after such activities, then itching appeared and finally it all worsened to extremely thin skin on the palms and hands that easily chaps when getting dry, and it chaps deeply to bleeding. And the itching remains, so I have some rather unpleasant days, scratching my chapped hands to blood. Then the scars stay for a while and new chaps appear. I started doing all my household work in gloves, it provides some relief but I can't completely avoid any contact with chemicals. So I started looking for a medication that would solve my problem. Pills were ineffective, as I think the problem is not inside, but on the skin, it somehow reduced its defensive mechanisms to minimal level. So I turned my attention to topicals. Some stronger medications used to treat eczema and other skin diseases caused unbearable burning sensations and in reality provided low results if any at all. Other meds were just like hand cream - softened the skin but didn't solve the problem. And luckily one day I came across Betnovate GM which is really a wonderful medication for such purposes. With this topical my skin becomes stronger and it wouldn't chap that easy. I enjoy the way Betnovate GM got me rid of the pain and troubles with my hands. Excellent medication with immunosuppressive properties. Not too strong to cause complications and at the same time effective enough.
— Eric Baleydier, Houston
Betnovate GM is the only corticosteroid medication that allowed me to forget about skin problems. I work in flower greenhouses and it is constantly very humid inside, besides we apply many different fertilizers to make the flowers feel better. Our own health is damaged however. I developed some kind of skin allergy or irritation. By the end of the day my skin on the hands and even on my face becomes swollen and red, sometimes I also have horrible itching. It's all because of the particles of the fertilizers that are contained in the humid air. With water the particles get absorbed into the skin and cause the reaction. I started using Betnovate GM about three months ago and since that time my skin problems have gradually disappeared. No my skin looks healthy no matter what part of my working day it is. I like the way the topical solved my problems quickly and easily. Try out yourself.
— Stephen Morris, Cape Girardeau
About half a year ago I noticed unusual redness of the toes on my feet. Then itching added and soon my skin started worrying me a lot. I went to the doctor and he said it was most likely fungal infection. I was shocked 'cause in spite of being a frequent guest in our local swimming pool I always strictly observe all the rules of personal hygiene and take good care of my feet. However it was a fact and the condition of my toes left no space for doubts. So I asked doctor for a solution that will help me get rid of the problem as quickly as possible and then he prescribed me with Betnovate GM. After two days of applying the crème I noticed that there was no more itching. And on the third day the redness decreased significantly as well. No I always have this crème with me and apply a small amount every time I feel something like itching after my visit to the swimming pool. May be it is not the right solution to use a corticosteroid topical that often but it provides me with confidence I do not get the awful infection again and won't give it a chance to make my feet look ugly. Betnovate GM is an excellent solution for quick recovery from fungal infections.

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