Urimax F Testimonials

— Carlos Fernandez, Knoxville
My experience of using Urimax F is great! With this medication I rarely get up at night to urinate and the flow is much better with no pain or dribbles. Before Urimax F I've been on other medicine to treat enlarged prostate, with little success. My doctor says this medication works by lowering my blood pressure. Don't know for sure but it does its job perfectly well. I was worried about possible side effects, I've seen insomnia and fatigue with my previous meds but with Urimax F there is nothing like that. It works great for me and due to this excellent product my life has improved considerably.
— Victor Avery, FL
I am a 47-year-old male and I had undergone a laser prostate surgery about four years ago. Things got much better afterwards; the flow was easy and consistent. But recently I started noticing blood and clots in my urine. I went to my urologist and he prescribed me with Urimax F. the medication relieved the symptoms in two days. And the unpleasant sensation that was felt sometimes is gone as well. The medication is definitely worth of every penny I paid for it. I wonder if I was put on it before would it have been possible for me to avoid the surgery.
— Nick Baker, Idaho
I was prescribed Urimax F last month. I took low dosage and urine flow improved for about a week. Then the effect decreased and my doctor decided to raise my dosage to two pills of Urimax F daily. Now the flow is regular, it's moderate but with no obstructions. Sometimes the flow is better than other times, but in general I'm very happy with the way this medication works when I take 2 pills a day. What is also very important, now I do not get up at night to go to the bathroom. I haven't had any side effects. I would recommend this medication. It's effective, safe, available and not very expensive.
— Brian Moore, Boston
I take Urimax F for more than three months now. And I'm very satisfied with the results. I developed benign prostate hyperplasia - or at least I was diagnosed with it - a bit more than two years ago. Since that time I've tried quite a lot of different medications but in comparison to them, Urimax F is the most effective and trouble-free. What I liked least were the night trips to the bathroom, from 3 to 6 times per night. Also pain and difficulty when urinating, problems with erection and so on. Urimax F eliminated all these symptoms. I can't say they disappeared with the first pill, but gradually the symptoms went away. As for side effects that I already got used to with other BPH meds - headaches, insomnia, running nose, strange urine color - there was not a single one! In other words I highly recommend Urimax F to be used for prostate disorders treatment.

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