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Tentex Royal is a herbal medication used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Tentex Royal acts by relaxing of the cavernosal muscles, that results in the increase in penile blood flow, strengthened erections and increased libido.

Tentex Royal comes in packs, 10 capsules per pack.

1 pack - 10 caps
5 packs - 50 caps
10 packs - 100 caps

Tentex Royal capsule contains an extract of Tribulus terrestris and powders of Asteracantha longifolia, Prunus amygdalus, Blepharis edulis and Crocus sativus.

The herbs mentioned above have been conventionally used in the management of ED for centuries. Tribulus terrestris has been clinically proven to improve sexual desire and enhance erection. The pharmacological properties of Tribulus terrestris extracts have been studied on the rabbit corpus cavernosum muscles. The extract showed increase in relaxation of cavernosum smooth muscles in a dose-dependent manner. Prunus amygdalus extract showed a significant increase in the sperm content and the motility in the epididymides and vas deferens. Prunus amygdalus has been used as an aphrodisiac in Arab Medicine. Crocus sativus, saffron is used in medicine as an aphrodisiac and antioxidant agent.

Clinical trials in progress at various academic institutions in India, have shown encouraging results in patients with ED without producing any side-effects. This indicates the safety of Tentex Royal capsule on repeated and long-term administration.


Follow the directions for using this medicine provided by your doctor or pharmacist.

The usual recommended dosage is 2 capsules, once daily, one hour before intercourse for 6 to 12 weeks.


Tentex Royal is not known to have any side effects when taken as prescribed.


Ingredients include:

Kokilaksha (Asteracantha longifolia)
Vathada (Prunus amygdalus)
Sunishannaka (Blepharis edulis)
Kumkuma (Crocus sativus)
Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris)

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