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— Louise Clarkson, LA
I am 34 years of age and we still have no kids with my husband who is 37. We have been together for more than 6 years now. Of course I can not say that all this time we have been trying hard to get a baby. We actually decided that the time has come about a year ago, but to tell you the truth we have never observed contraception rules too strictly. I mean that we should have had dozens of chances to get pregnant but we never did until last month. As for efforts, we have been doing our best for about 11 months as I have already said. And while there was little success I was getting really nervous, 'cause I was not a young girl to have plenty of time for tries. I insisted on us taking different tests and examinations and finally the results showed that in spite of being healthy in general, Mike's sperm was not active enough, not long-lasting if I can say so. Mike however was reluctant to take any serious measures, but I talked him into trying out this wonderful Ayurveda medication aimed to improve the sperm quality - Spertomax. He started taking it about 4 months ago and here we are, expecting our baby for a month now! I'm extremely happy, actually we both are! And in addition to these outstanding news our sexual life improved as well, as Mike's orgasms got deeper and his performance and duration increased as well. So, I would 100% recommend this Spertomax to other people who need a little nature's help in getting their baby and who don't want to harm their health with chemicals and doubtful meds.
— Tom Hastings, Dallas
It was my doctor who advised me to try out Spertomax after I complained of my inability to have kids. Actually that was a real problems for my wife especially as she wanted a baby so much and according to the tests we have undergone my spermatozoids were kind of passive, they had little intention to move in the right direction and therefore we had no kids in spite of our efforts. I can not complain of any other issue concerning my sexual life. My erection was always hard enough for an average sexual intercourse, I have never had problems with orgasm or libido. In other words since the time I got 16 my sexual performance remained at the same level. And I was always 100% ok with it, never wanted to change anything, until the question of pregnancy arouse. So the doctor told me that in my case when all the sexual functions except for sperm activity are ok Spertomax is the best solution as it is 100% herbal, causes no side effects and will solve my problem without creating additional. So I have been on this medication for more than two months now and my wife has just told me that she got pregnant! I have never thought this news will make me so happy! I can't completely realize the new role that is waiting for me, but I'm sure that's gona be great. Thanks to Spertomax.
— Jay B., Boston
Actually I have been taking Spertomax for about half a year without any intention to improve my sperm quality. It was just as a food supplement to provide some support for my sexual functions as recently I started to notice some decrease in my libido and erection quality. There was no panic as I am 45 and I understand that my erection will not be as that of a teenager for ever. So I went to my doctor and asked for some mild solution to a little bit boost my natural power and energy. He told me about Spertomax and the way it works without causing any side effects. He told that Spertomax is an ayurvedic supplement based on natural herbal ingredients only. Since the time I started taking Spertomax I have noticed considerable changes in my erection and performance. The changes are naturally for the better and I was very happy until last month my girlfriend told me she got pregnant. At first I was shocked as my doctor hadn't warned me about such a side effect, but now I am happy! Finally God decided to turn me into a father! Now I understand that this gift of nature is an extremely pleasant surprise. But beware of such side effects!)

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