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— Joss L., Omaha
About three years ago my wife and I decided that we are ready to start having kids and stopped using condoms when having sex. We waited for half a year but nothing happened. The thing is that I am 40 years of age and my wife is 38 and we both feel like getting close to the stage when it is kind of late to have a first child and we were worried about that greatly, especially my wife. So we decided to undergo certain tests to find out what the reason was. The tests showed that everything was ok except for my sperm. The sperm count was too low and that is why my wife couldn't get pregnant. We started looking for a solution and our friends, a couple who have just had their third kid born, advised us Spertinex as a time-tested and effective solution for the problems like ours. And now we will give the same advice to anyone who asks us how to come with low sperm count. Spertinex helped us quickly and easily. I just followed the instructions and in two months the sperm count increased considferably and in less than four month my wife got pregnant. Now we have two amazing baby boys and I am grateful to Spertinex for that happiness.
— Rachel Peterson, MA
We have been trying to get pregnant for four years and all this time my husband was reluctant to admit that there was any problem. He was saying that it was simply not the right time or not the best effort and so on. He didn't want to ask for professional help as it was unacceptable for him to admit that the problem could be on his side. And only when I was already depressed and desperate he agreed to undergo tests. And the problem was really his - the medical lab tests shoes that his sperm contained not enough spermatozoids and they were not active enough to cause pregnancy. Now that was my husband's turn to get depressed and desperate. Luckily we quickly found a solution: Spertinex. This medication is a herbal product and therefore it was easier for me to talk him into taking it. As taking some serious chemical meds would be to admit his own inability to produce normal sperm and that would be a hard blow for his masculinity. So we ordered Spertinex from this online drugstore and had it delivered the next day, very convenient. My husband has been using the medication for three month when I understood that I was pregnant. We hadn't even done the tests again - the medication was so effective! For me it is actually not important if that was herbal or chemical medicine, the most important thing is how effective it is! I do recommend Spertinex to others!
— Gregory Tomas, Fort Lauderdale
In my youth I had a trauma of my testicles when I played football at college. There were no serious consequences as I thought, but when I turned 37 and my wife said she wants kids there was an unpleasant surprise. It turned out that after that trauma my testicles couldn't produce sperm with sufficient sperm count and therefore we couldn't get pregnant without professional help. I lived all my life not knowing that having kids would be a problem for me! However I had no time for such mourning as I needed a solution. I was not yet ready for serious treatment course or even surgery so we decided to try herbal medicines first. Some first trials were unsuccessful - the drugs were useless. But then we found Spertinex - a herbal medication aimed to increase sperm count and improve the quality of the sperm in general. I have been taking it for three months and then had another semen analysis and it showed considerable increase in the sperm count. Two more months later my wife was already pregnant and now we are happy parents! This is the most important thing! Spertinex provides extremely positive influence on the reproductive system in spite of its being a herbal medication. It gave us the best chance in our life and we used it!

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