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— Arleen B. Watseki, IL, 62
I am pleased with the results as far as pain is concerned. I used to have a spot on the side of my foot, which hurt on the side of my foot, which hurt quite a lot when walking, and that pain is pretty well gone, also, the surgery area feels just tine now too. Plus, I feel better after being on this product. My doctor would have preferred that I take OsteOrganiCAL, but after much deliberation, was convinced I should try Fosamax, for which I am grateful to you and my Lord.
— Rogene, TX, 60
This is my second order and I feel so much beer after two months of taking your fosamax...
— Ruby Davis, OR, 65
This year from January through March I was again in bed. I ordered Fosamax in March. Within two weeks I was better and in two more weeks I was even better and in two more weeks the sciatic pain left. I have been on it for 8 months now and haven't been in bed for 7 months.
— Margaret, MO, 59
I can tell you that I can hardly believe that my left knee is beginning to tell me that it is recovering, no hurts or pain. It is recovering so well that I hardly know that I have a knee. This is an absolutely wonderful product. I am so glad that I opted for Fosamax. I am not near a bone scanner at this time, but I certainly don't feel like a cripple.
— Erica, Cleveland, Ohio
My latest tests show that Fosamax helps to reverse the bone damage.
— Kristin, Columbus, Ohio
I took a bone density test last month. The results are quite good, Fosamax is working.
— Mary
I've been taking it for a year. It is somewhat helpful.

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