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— Carlos Fernandez, Montreal
Aspirin is amazing when it comes to pain relief. The most important thing here is to carefully follow your doctor's advice and take the drug as prescribed. I've heard many unsuccessful stories when people complained of side effects, but later it revealed that they didn't follow the instructions. When you are reasonable enough Aspirin is a great drug! It helped me forget about horrible back pain without much efforts. I hadn't even to take the full course, less that 10 pills was enough.
— George Reed, Boston
I got rid of awful pain in my back with the help of Aspirin. I used it in combination with different topical creams and ointments, but actually they were next to useless and it was Aspirin that helped me forget about the horrible sensations in my back. Recently I've broken off taking it but still feel no pain in my back. This is the only effective NSAID for me. Short-term or sharp pain, aspirin just works and provides long-lasting relief.
— Sandra McLuhan, Wichita
This week I got a prescription for Aspirin to treat my back pain. I am going to follow the regime but I've heard that long use of strong drugs is not recommended. Aspirin is the safest and most effective pain medication in my personal view. But my husband is a bit concerned about me taking this medication for a long time. So I'll think over combining it with another pain killer that I'm going to order from this online pharmacy. I was naturally amazed with the speed of your delivery!
— Mary Fitzpatrick, New Orleans
I am a 43 year old female with moderate to severe pain caused by bulging discs. I wish I could turn back the time when I neglected the importance of regular exercises and led a sedentary way of life. but now all I have is to gather the crops of such a lifestyle. The pain is next to unbearable at times. For me taking Aspirin to soothe my severe back pain was the best thing I did to myself! It worked just great for the purpose! It is very convenient to take this medication and I haven't noticed any signs of side effects.

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