Adefovir Testimonials

— Mike P., Sacramento
I have tried out the effectiveness of Adefovir when I was diagnosed with hepatitis B last summer. At first I thought it was simple flu, all the symptoms pointed to that fact. But it was pretty uncommon to have flu in summer when the weather is great and sun is shining. Then when I started having sharp pain in lower stomach I went to our family doctor and he carried out some tests that detected hepatitis B. it was a shock for me but I started treatment with Adefovir and luckily the disease stepped aside with no complications. A great drug for the purpose.
— Irma Steels, Washington
I have to admit that I am more than simply satisfied with Adefovir and the way it eliminates my Hepatitis B. I have chronic Hepatitis B infection and it was not from the very beginning when I detected it. In fact at first I didn't notice any changes in my condition. But when the symptoms became vivid and my doctor diagnosed hepatitis I understood that I could get the infection only after a blood transfusion I had had about half a year ago. I have been using Adefovir for more than 4 months now and the blood tests show that it does its job all right. Hope soon I will forget about the disease.
— Maurice Holl, Tennessee
I take Adefovir for more than three weeks now after I have been diagnosed with hepatitis B. Luckily my form of the disease is not a severe one and it is cured comparatively easily, but anyway I am doing great with this drug. I have never seen any side effects during the treatment; it is very convenient and easy to take. The tests my doctor performed the other day showed that my viral load decreased considerably and I believe Adefovir will get rid of the virus pretty soon. I would definitely recommend the medication to other people who suffer from hepatitis B. Adefovir works!
— Cecilia Preston, Hampton
I have been on Adefovir medication for a year now trying to get rid of my chronic form of hepatitis B. due to the character of my virus I have no symptoms and I am very happy what this. I have heard horrible stories about the pain people stand when infected with Hepatitis B, but for me the disease is not painful. All looks good for me and according to my specialist doctor the virus is moving away. I am going to continue the treatment with Adefovir until the disease is over. For me the treatment is not very difficult, as I have neither bad symptoms, nor side effects. But I know that Adefovir helps people live through much more severe forms of the virus. God bless the drug!

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