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— Ulrich Swayn, Chicago
I took Verapamil for more than a year now as my doctor prescribed me with this med to treat my severe migraines that used to poison my life. Sometimes I could stay awake for more than 2 nights due to headaches. This affected my career and my family relations. I was really nervous and easily irritated. Luckily Verapamil took all the migraines away in just one month. The only precaution was that I had to avoid alcohol during the treatment as it made me really dizzy. I suppose it is a very a small price to pay for normal sleep and clear mind!
— Julia Forest, Trenton
I have been on Verapamil for the past two weeks to treat my blood pressure and migraines. So far due to this medication my blood pressure has been lowered and I got rid of the horrible migraines. I have had migraines my entire life, I believe. When I got the most recent migraine attack, I felt like my head would explode. I had it every other day for about a month. I actually called "911" at one point because I thought I was dying the pain was so horrible. When I was first given Verapamil I was skeptical but still I took it, it made me a bit sleepy at first but now I have no side effects at all. On the fourth day I realized that I was four days migraine free. God bless Verapamil!
— Diane Wallace, Arkansas City
Verapamil makes me a little sleepy but it is nothing I can't handle. I'm glad that my doctor prescribed me a medication that is really effective in headache treatment as I have spent quite a lot of time on vain search. I have felt better since I've started taking Verapamil.
— Gilbert Woo, NH
I'm in good shape, I do a lot of exercising, eat healthy food and so on. Nevertheless headaches and frequent migraines make me really miserable at times. Verapamil helps to greatly reduce my headaches and migraines. It remains effective all day long and the side effects are minimal. I wish I didn't have to spend some 5 years of my life on useless and sometimes very expensive medications. But I have finally found Verapamil and it made my life worth living again. Very grateful for this medication.

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