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— Norman S., NH
I find Rosulip-F to be an outstanding medication for its purpose. It reduces elevated triglycerides levels like nothing else and I know what I am talking about. I have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about twelve years ago and since that time I have to constantly struggle hypertriglyceridemia. I do not mean that the diagnosis was the starting point for me to have high triglycerides, but before I was diagnosed I didn't know I had had the problem. Otherwise I would have started treatment long before. And I wish I knew about Rosulip-F at that time as during these twelve years I have wasted a lot of time and money on medications that provided low effectiveness or no effect at all in comparison to Rosulip-F. the drug I've been on before Rosulip-F caused me strange rash that covered all my face and took two months to get rid of and that is why I was a bit sceptic and scared to switch to a new med. But a friend of mine told me Rosulip-F is what I need and it definitely is. This med helps me control my triglycerides levels and causes no side effects. For me this medication is a wonderful solution as it is affordable, effective and goes hand in hand with my diabetes treatment. I recommend it to other people with hypertriglyceridemia.
— Herbert Dawson, NY
I have high cholesterol levels for more than ten years now and it means that I have to constantly restrict myself in concern of my eating habits. For some people it is not a problem at all but I love good food and I suffer greatly without my favorite dishes from Italian, French and German cuisine. So from time to time I indulge myself into a hearty dinner with a glass of good wine and then my hypercholesterolemia immediately takes a retaliatory blow. I can not go on like that forever so I dedicated al my time to searching for an effective medication that will help me get better control over my cholesterol levels. And I was lucky enough to find Rosulip-F which provides me with the control I need. This product is outstanding when it comes to hypercholesterolemia, as it is very effective and safe in comparison to other medications of the same type. By saying safe I mean that it causes completely no side effects, unlike many other meds that reduce cholesterol levels. And it is effective even after my occasional hearty dinners, what is a great relief for me. Such medications as Rosulip-F help sick people have simple pleasure in their miserable life.
— Jimmy Cristal, Houston
I am on Rosulip-F now and it is my second month on the drug. I use it to bring my high triglycerides back to the normal level. It was my doctor who put me on this medication I have heard nothing about it before. After the first month on the drug my doc made me undergo some lab tests and they showed that Rosulip-F is working well and my high triglycerides are not that high as before, but still not that low as they should be. So he told me to continue the treatment. I am taking Rosulip-F on a daily basis and I carefully observe my doctor's instructions. I faced no problems with this medication, my body tolerates it absolutely well and I have no side effects, what is very pleasant as I remember some meds I had to take to treat my hypercholesterolemia and the side effects from those meds used to make me crazy. And I am especially happy that Rosulip-F is good at reducing the triglycerides and I hope it remains just as effective for me as it is now, so that I do not have to switch to another untested medication with a risk of possible side effects and low performance. I would give this drug the highest mark.

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