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— Nestor McGregor, Phoenix
I used to be a heavy smoker and my eating habits were far away from being healthy and then last year I got a heart attack. After a course of ambulatory treatment I was put on Arjuna to support my heart and maintain it healthy. It goes without saying that I quit smoking and do my best to observe a healthier diet. I also started exercising but I believe if it weren't for Arjuna, I could easily develop another heart attack and who knows what the result could be. As for side effects, I haven't noticed any as Arjuna is a herbal medication and benefits health greatly.
— Barbara Taylor, Nashville
Before I got the diagnosis of heart disease I suffered from heartburn every day and only after a minor heart attack my doctor explained that it was all due to my poor heart. After that a friend of mine who is a consultant in the field of natural medicine advised me to try Arjuna as a trusted method to support heart functioning and protect it from the consequences of cholesterol we consume. I was a bit skeptical about the magic properties of herbal meds but with Arjuna I forgot about hypertension attacks and heartburn. This drug helped me a lot and I am still using it and my results are awesome!
— Harry Ford, Yellowknife
Had a heart attack about seven months ago and after I was given proper treatment in hospital I decided to take some medication to support my heart as the attack scared me to death. I realized that the medication should be effective to prevent other heart attacks but also mild enough for me to be able to take it regularly. What can be better than herbal medication in this case? I have had no more problems with my heart since I started Arjuna. It sure works good for me and no side effects have been detected.
— Amanda Mills, Pennsylvania
Arjuna is simply awesome at regulating high blood pressure. I have tried it on myself. It also promotes healthy heart functioning. I didn't have a heart attack, but I was overweight and my doctor warned me about possible risks connected with my hypertension and high cholesterol level. I felt unwell due to the disorders. Then I started using Arjuna and it helped me stay in good health and avoid heart attacks while I was changing my eating habits and trying hard to reduce my weight. I lost about 30 pounds and feel much better now but I still take Arjuna just to keep my heart going.

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