Amlopres-AT Testimonials

— Marlene Woodrow, Houston
I have been having problems with blood pressure since the time I remember myself. And the most vivid memory from my childhood is loud heartbeat in my ears all the time and the worried face of my mother when we visited doctor and he had to admit that another medication started losing its effectiveness and we had to look for a new one that would keep me alive. When being a child I have greatly worn out the nervous systems of my parents as I was not that reasonable and responsible at taking my medications regularly, observing certain rules and following my individual regimen. When I grew up things got easier both for me and for them as well. Now I could control certain aspects of my life and they no longer had to worry that much about me fainting on the street or having a heart attack after I forget to take my daily meds. However it was still rather difficult to maintain my blood pressure at the normal level as medications tended to lose their effectiveness, others had unacceptable side effects. It's only recently when I finally found my perfect hypertension medication - Amlopres-AT. This drug helps me better than any other pharmaceutical product I have tried. One pill of this medication makes me sure my blood pressure would stay at the normal level for the rest of the day. I am deeply satisfied with the way Amlopres-AT works. Haven't noticed any drawbacks in this medication and hope I won't.
— Oscar Phillips, Yellowknife
I have learnt about Amlopres-AT by chance from a TV ad. It was claimed to be very effective at chronic angina treatment. And by that time I have been suffering from angina for more than seven years and still haven't found an ideal medication that would cool down my symptoms and provide steady and lasting effect without addiction and decrease in effectiveness. So I consulted my doctor and we decided to try out Amlopres-AT. Unexpectedly it provided me with such relief I have never had before. Even with most successful medications I could still develop severe chest pain and dry mouth after breathing in cold or humid air as well as after intensive physical activity. But with Amlopres-AT everything is so much better. I don't even remember when I had my last chest pain attack. Besides what is not less important for me than med's effectiveness is the fact that with Amlopres-AT I do not have such horrible side effects like swelling, tremors and skin rash. I would recommend this medication to other people with the same diagnosis as mine.
— Alan Meniere, NH
I've been taking Amlopres-AT to control my hypertension for about three years now. Every other medicine I took before to control my blood pressure tended to make my feet and ankles badly swollen, but Amlopres-AT is simply amazing. It helps me keep my blood pressure consistently at about 110/70 or sometimes even lower. And I have absolutely no side effects. I take it on a regular basis in the mornings and it makes my day full of energy and activity, not a single problem with drowsiness - which used to be almost a must with other hypertension medications. I would recommend this medication to other people with hypertension. My doctor is also very satisfied with the way Amlopres-AT helps me maintain my blood pressure at normal level. And I feel so much more normal myself - I no longer depend on my disease in every aspect of my life. With Amlopres-AT I get the freedom to decide how active to be and what to do 'cause this medication makes my condition more stable and I can live life at full.

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