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— Sandra Marino, Albuquerque
This is a wonderful drug when it comes to depression treatment. I have suffered from depression for years and there were no anti-depressants that could provide me with complete relief. Either the side effects were simply unbearable, or the drugs were absolutely ineffective. But Pamelor provide me with the effect I've been seeking all these years. I don't have those panic attacks anymore, I feel well at night and I'm happy again. This drug provided me with the power to fight with depression and I conquered it. I hope forever!
— Marcus Gomez, Oklahoma City
I really think Pamelor has been a life saver in my case of severe prolonged depression. The main thing I learnt is you should carefully follow your doctor's instructions. I currently take it everyday and it keeps me away from anxiety and depression, but when I break the course the mood swings come back. I hope soon I will be able to cope without the med, but now it is the only thing that helps me. Would recommend it to others, I know that everyone is different, but this drug can be very helpful.
— Bella Hoffman, Franklin
After years of trying out everything on the market from herbal medications to prescription drugs, Pamelor turned out to be the only medication that really helped me with the severe depressive disorder I was suffering from. Timely treatment helped me save my career, my family and friends. I haven't observed any side effects. I have tried countless other med and I know for sure what terrible side effects antidepressants may have. Pamelor works out miracles but it is a realsolution!
— Caren McMillan, Toronto
I was lucky enough to have found the most effective medication on the market for my depression. Before Pamelor I have tried several other meds but they produced little help. Some of them produced unacceptable side effects like diarrhoea or absence of sexual desire. Pamelor is the only one that is strong enough to rid me from the depressive mood and safe enough not to cause any side effects. Great medication without beating about the bush.

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