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— Diana Lowton, Visconsin
Asendin is the only medication from all the antidepressants I have tried that really provided me with the relief I was seeking. It saver my wrecked nerves and helped me save my career that was in danger because of my constant mood swings and stress. In comparison to other meds, Asendin caused neither dizziness nor excessive sleepiness. On the contrary every day I feel fresh and ready to work and communicate with people effectively. I'm happy I found it.
— Arthur Giggs, Napoli
I order Asendin every September because this med helps me cope with seasonal mood disorders. I don't know why but late autumn has always been producing destructive effect on my mood and general well-being. With Asendin I can control my behavior and the way environment influences my condition pretty easily. I adore this medication. Everyone is different, but this drug can be very helpful.
— Ben Ogilvy, New Brunswick
I really think this drug has been a life saver. But you should follow your doctor's instructions carefully not to get confused with the dosage. I currently take Asendin every day and that is enough to keep me away from the depression. From my doctor I've heard that Asendin may also be used to treat anxiety and panic disorders, and bipolar disorder. So the med has many applications and is very effective, at least in my case.
— Brian Stillman, Lakewood
I am only 20 years of age, but depression is one of the major problems for me. So after having suffered several depression outbreaks and after trying several different meds on the market, I began taking Asendin. And I am very much pleased with this medication. It has worked extremely well and I have had no complications or side effects since. It's been four weeks and I still feel like I've got a new lease on life. Hope it lasts.

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